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KlarkTeknik Pro Splitter 2 DS 20

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Klark Teknik

KlarkTeknik Pro Splitter 2 DS 20

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Building on KLARK TEKNIK's storied legacy of highest-quality signal processing devices, the DS 20 PRO SPLITTER 2 offers the same high headroom, dynamic response and sonic clarity you have come to expect. DS 20 is ideal for routing balanced XLR signals to multiple discrete destinations, including FOH and monitor consoles, active monitor loudspeakers, broadcast mixers, and more.?

A passive device, the DS 20 does not require any form of external power to complete its mission. Equipped with a custom-built MIDAS transformer, DS 20 is the perfect solution for a wide range of professional audio and multimedia applications.

  • Features
    Compact?& Rugged Construction

    The ultra-compact KlarkTeknik Pro Splitter 2 DS 20 is built to handle the rigours of life on the road via a thick and rugged aluminium extrusion that protects the electronics. The enclosure's roadworthiness is further enhanced.

    Connectivity & More

    All of the Input and Output connections on the KlarkTeknik Pro Splitter 2 DS 20 feature genuine high quality Neutrik* XLR jacks for the ultimate in signal integrity. Dual independent Earth Lift switches are provided for both the Output A and Output B jacks, eliminating earth loops between equipment on different mains electricity supplies. DS 20's fully transformer-isolated design further ensures pristine performance even in large-scale production environments.

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