Vinyl Care Gift Set

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Vinyl Care Gift Set

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The perfect gift set for any vinyl enthusiast!

Included in the set:

  • 1 x AM Pick Up Brush
  • 1 x AM Record Cleaner & cloth
  • 1 x AM Stylus Cleaner
  • 1 x Reloop Anti Static Brush

Presented in a gift box with tissue paper.

  • Features

    AM Pick Up Brush:?Eliminate dust, dirt and static build-up from your record player?s stylus with the Pickup brush. The conductivity of the brush?s carbon fibre bristles helps to drain static charge from the stylus and lift any residual dust and grime. Maintain your stylus, improve audio fidelity and lengthen the life of your records.

    Record Cleaner: Getting down and dirty in the grooves of your vinyl since 1971, the AM Record cleaner is the safest and most effective way to freshen up your record collection. AM Record Cleaner is the original non-abrasive deep cleaning solution, specially formulated to eliminate dust, dirt and static build-up. Experience dramatically improved sound quality and prolonged record life. The reduction in friction during playback will also hugely benefit the longevity of your stylus. Ideal for every day cleaning or even the dirtiest vinyl. Apply the solution to the lint free cotton cloth to absorb oil and grime without leaving a residue.?

    Stylus Cleaner: Eliminate dust, dirt and static build-up from your record player?s stylus with the Stylus cleaner. The non-abrasive cleaning fluid and gentle brush extend the life of your vinyl, and ensure the best performance from your turntable. Maintain your stylus to improve tonal accuracy and audio fidelity and lengthen the life of your records.?

    Reloop Carbon Fibre Anti Static Brush:?The anti-static carbon fibre brush is one of the most popular tools when it comes to removing dust and dirt from vinyl records. More than a million carbon fibres allow a gentle cleaning and elimination of electrostatic charging.

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